our mission

NEXT2GET offers a curriculum designated to assist middle and/or high school students, college and community agencies to take action on your dreams and purpose. Self-awareness is key. Being knowledgeable of one's own character, feelings, motives and desires is essential to personal development. NEXT2GET offers a 4-week program that can be customized for the group of students depending on age and personal/social need. Workshop, speaking engagements and student groups are facilitated by trained professionals.

improves focus, attitude and motivation

Our passion is to inspire the youth to be NEXT2GET their success in everything they do, whether it be in sports, music, academics, hobbies, career pursuits, relationships, or home life. Developing a child’s mindset at a young age is where it all begins to learn how to process all the obstacles and challenges of life. Focus, attitude, and motivation is what we do best at NEXT2GET Camps.

We get young people excited about all life has to offer. Our activities focus on listening skills, as the best way to learn is to listen. We also focus on the importance of giving 100% in all they do without giving into distractions.

n e x t 2 g e t   u n i t e d

building community

NEXT2GET UNITED the process of building unity with individuals or groups through networking to bring people together; to talk and share ideas and passions; passing out business cards sharing businesses and projects with the goal to inspire that togetherness will bring about a bigger and better impact.

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