What we do

NEXT2GET Mission

NEXT2GET offers a curriculum designated to assist middle and/or high school students, college and community agencies to take action on your dreams and purpose. Self-awareness is key. Being knowledgeable of one's own character, feelings, motives and desires is essential to personal development. NEXT2GET offers a 4-8 week program that can be customized for the group of students depending on age and personal/social need. Workshop, speaking engagements and student groups are facilitated by trained professionals.

NEXT2GET Curriculum Format
Each session will have an introduction, thought provoking questions, interactive activities, discussions and NEXT2GET closing challenge.

Life is a journey and as people we carry the negative aspects such as pride, competition issues, financial strains, fear, lack of respect, brokenness from hurt, and the desire to have a different life or be someone else. 

N ext: find the positive to figure out your next move.

E mpower: Believe in yourself.

X-Factor: Our minds are powerful

T ransformation: commitment and discipline 

2: You + action = 2: You can't gain, obtain or get anything without action.

G rowth: Every year you should be a better YOU.

E arn: Put in the work, be consistent

T hrive: Enjoy the journey! What are you NEXT2GET.