Donate and be a part of inspiring the youth to be NEXT2GET their success

N.E.X.T.2.G.E.T. is the solution to inspiring the youth to push through and achieve their dreams by giving them the mental tools and support to become a better them. We want the youth to have the opportunity to succeed no matter what their circumstances..

We want to be the voice they need and show we believe in them, and for them to believe in themselves.

Funding Will Go Towards:

NEXT2GET provides hope, training, and support to formerly gang-involved and previously incarcerated people, allowing them to redirect their lives to be NEXT2GET their Success and become contributing members of society.

Mindsets, Sports & Fitness. - FREE Summer Camps & FREE Camps during the year

Inside of Schools and Foster Homes - 4 week session ($2,000 a session)

(museums, plays, amusement parks, go karts, sporting events, concerts, beaches & watersports, camping and much more)

Helping to empower mindset changes through apparel

Speaking to youth at High Schools, Juvenile Centers, & Foster Homes

This includes thing such as clothes, food, hygiene, iPads & school supplies.