my name is larry matthew williams jr.

In my early life due to unfortunate circumstances of having divorced parents and my mom using drugs my life became unstable. I lived with 6 different families - 4 families were my relatives, and 2 families were my best friend’s families. I went to 2 Jr. High Schools and 4 different High Schools. Growing up football was my passion, I was good at it and believe I could have gone to the NFL; but because of brokenness, unsure of who I was and adapting to all my different surroundings I became a gang banger, I robbed, I sold drugs, I used drugs and again lived unstable with numerous friends adapting to who they were.

i started next2get in 2015 at the age of 42

In March of 2015 at the age of 42 I started my company NEXT2GET. My ideas for the company consisted only of selling shirts with motivational words, but as my ideas kept expanding, God began speaking to me saying that I need to live out what I am trying to sell. Since then, I have been educating myself with books and changing my mindset on a daily basis. I am a better me, better husband, father, and friend. I continue working towards my dreams, bettering myself and moving closer to my purpose.

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