My name is Larry Matthew Williams Jr, age 49 born in Oakland, CA, in 1972. 

I currently reside in Los Angeles, married 20 years to my wife Desiree and have 3 children (son Larry III – 27yrs, Noah – 10yrs, Milana – 8yrs).


In 1994 I attended a computer trade tech school and received degree in IT in and am currently the IT Manager for Karl Storz Endoscopy.


In my early life due to unfortunate circumstances of having divorced parents and my mom using drugs my life became unstable. I lived with 6 different families - 4 families were my relatives and 2 families were my best friend’s families. I went to 2 Jr. High Schools and 4 different High Schools. I was born up North and moved to Los Angeles when I was 3yrs old, moving back to Oakland when I was 11 and back to LA when I was 17. Growing up football was my passion, I was great at it and believe I could have gone to the NFL; but because of brokenness, unsure of who I was and adapting to all my different surroundings I became a gang banger, I robbed, I sold drugs, I used drugs and again lived unstable with numerous friends adapting to who they were.


When I turned 42 I had a midlife crisis, I knew I wasn’t doing what I was supposed to do. I have always had a passion to help people, but I didn’t know how to do that. I thought I was going to win the lottery, and that would be the answer to satisfy my family’s needs and the people I desired to help, but God had other plans. In March 2015 I started my company NEXT2GET.  My ideas for the company consisted only on selling shirts with motivational words, but as my ideas kept expanding, God began speaking to me saying that I need to live out what I am trying to sell.  Since then I have been educating myself with books, feeding my soul with Bible reading, prayers, and involving myself serving in church. Day by day I am changing in a life-sense, business-sense & spiritual-sense. I am a better me, better husband, father and friend.  I will continue working towards my dreams, bettering myself and moving closer to my purpose.  As part of my business, I made it a goal in 2017 to do one video message a week for a year for my social media audience addressing my real life situations hoping to reach out and motivate others. That is when I found my passion…I love speaking. I have a testimony I can share because of all of the things I have been through and having the mindset I have now, I believe my story and positive outlook for change can help others.



NEXT2GET is motivational brand. NEXT2GET is about taking action. 

I’m passionate about motivating and inspiring people.

My goal is to improve people’s mindset through my experiences and knowledge to be NEXT2GET in every area of their life.

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